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Cherry Hill Kitchen Remodeling Services

Are you looking to remodel a kitchen in Cherry Hill, NJ? Learn a little about the process and what, why and the house of kitchen remodels.  Remodeling a kitchen is most likely the most extensive remodel that you will ever undertake.  A kitchen is often known as the king of the household when referring to rooms, so with that title also comes with a king sized undertaking. 


A Simple Or Complete Remodel

There are many ways that you can remodel your kitchen.  It can be as simple as changing a few lights, a fresh coat of paint and new faucets or you could be gutting and expanding the entire kitchen.  So when you Google the price or the time it takes to remodel a kitchen, the answers you receive will be wildly all over the place. Kitchen remodeling in Cherry Hill, NJ, is also wildly all over the place in terms of how they are being remodeled. You could be looking at a day or two with a simple remodel facelift or several weeks with a complete kitchen overhaul.  Keep your budget and timetable expectation in mind when looking to get a remodel estimate. 

What To Do About The Cabinets?

Getting brand new upgraded cabinets can be between 30% - 40% of your kitchen remodel costs.  So if you’re happy with their functionality and location, considering getting them painted, which could even be done by yourself but it is a very tedious, time consuming project.  Professional painting your cabinets is another service that we offer as well.  


What To Consider For A Complete Redesign

Thinking about completely designing a whole new look for your kitchen?  A couple things to consider:  If you want to move your sink or dishwasher and your stove, we will need to move around water and gas lines.  These are necessarily a hard thing to do but we will need access from the basement, to make these renovations possible.  So if you have an unfinished basement, that will be easier to access these lines, but if your basement is finished we still can it work, there will be a few extra steps involved.  Big kitchen remodels can also have more setbacks due to all the moving parts but the majority of larger remodels run smoothly, especially in newer homes. 


Building A Functional Kitchen

A kitchen that you can design for functionality and also beauty, is a kitchen worthy of a Cherry Hill home.  The triangle rule is the unwritten rule of how the sink, stove and refrigerator all are placed in relation to each other for maximum functionality.  So we’ll keep this in mind when talking about how to design your new kitchen.  Soft close drawers, high quality countertops, new floors, a kitchen island are just a few features we can add in a complete kitchen remodel.


The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Your budget, your aesthetics goal, and ideal functionality should be the major variables of your kitchen remodeling. Keep in mind how much money and how long it will take.  Think of the look and feel of how you want the kitchen to turn how.  Finally how practical and functional do you want your kitchen to be?  Will you use it to cook multiple times a day or are you looking for plenty of storage?  These are the main things to consider when talking to a contractor about getting an estimation.  Once you had plenty of time to think about your dream kitchen, contact Three Brothers Builders so we can bring your dream kitchen to life.